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033 – Perry Marshall: A Contrarian View on Education

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Having a child headed to college is one of the most stressful events that parents experience emotionally and financially.  The worries of sending a child away from home are compounded by the financial reality of ever-increasing college tuition.  Funding a child’s college education has become equally burdensome as helping him/her obtain college admissions.

Our guest for today’s edition of College Expert Talk will tell us about how he managed to send his child to college without having to sell personal properties or borrowing from different financial institutions.  Most importantly, he will tell you how you can do the same for your child.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of College Funding Resource, as she interviews Perry Marshal, an entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and world’s most quoted consultant on Google Adwords.

Today, you will gain beneficial insights about financing a child’s college education the practical way, including:

  • Why he wanted his kids to learn to pay for their own college education.
  • Why it’s important to teach a child as early as possible the value of being self sufficient economically.
  • What were his strategies in delivering the message in a way that is understandable to his children?
  • What led him to indoctrinate his children with this idea ?
  • How you, as a parent, can adopt the same technique with your own kids
  • The best and simple strategies in preparing one’s children for their college education

Apart from his marketing career and parenting, Perry also has a passion for persuasive copy-writing.  He’s taught hundreds of thousands of people on how to apply the scientific method in advertising.

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