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027- Legal issues on Divorce and College Education

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No one has ever dreamed of being in a divorce. However, the best way to handle the stress and complexities of a divorce is to get help from professionals who specialize in helping people navigate the legal maze during this difficult time.

Patrick Leh Meriwether is a seasoned Divorce Attorney who has been helping couples considering divorce explore the legal possibilities and options.  He offers his clients a cost-benefit analysis and assesses the legal strengths and weaknesses of the case in terms of financial repercussions involved in pursuing a specific matter.

As a trained mediator and arbitrator, Patrick is not only familiar with the alternative dispute resolution process, but able to offer sound insights and different strategies to reach the best settlement possible.

He’s also a fellow podcaster with his wife Staphanie on their show called “The Healthy Married Life.”

In this edition of the College Expert Talk, join Felicia Gopaul as she interviews Patrick Leh Meriwether and discuss important things about being a divorce attorney.

In this interview series, you will be able to learn:

– Why it’s very important to seek services of an experienced divorce attorney when considering divorce

– What are the laws involved in divorce that everyone should know?

– Why parents should discuss with their children about the possible outcomes of divorce?

– What are the common legal issues that every divorced couple should know about?

– What are the ways on which divorced parents can protect the rights of their children despite being divorced?

Divorce is a life-changing event.  It can be very devastating for the couple, and even more upsetting for the children.  There are ways to at least mitigate or lessen the effects of divorce on the couple and their children. Seeking help from an experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys or other experts is one way to make this experience less problematic.

If you want to know more about Patrick Leh Meriwether you can visit his personal websites at The Healthy Married Life and  The Atlanta Divorce Team .

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