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026 – Helping Students Become Well Equipped Entrepreneur

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John Hunt is passionate about business and entrepreneurship.

He is an online business course instructor on his website, “The Business Course.”  He teaches young entrepreneurs skills necessary to start a business and cautions them about common mistakes.

Hunt is also an established author and content creator at the Bright Marketing Inc., a marketing education and publishing company in Minnesota.  He has worked with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries

Moreover, he is an entrepreneur featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and several other publications besides making appearances in different TV and Radio shows nationwide.

In this edition of College Expert Talk, join Felicia Gopaul as she discusses with Hunt essential facts that every students and aspiring entrepreneur should know before deciding to enter the world of business.

Listen to what is in store for you in this edition of the College Expert Talk Podcast. Gather valuable information and learn more about:

– How the students can support their college education by earning their own tuition and not solely depending on student loans

– What prompted Hunt to start his online business course

– What are the elements of starting a successful business?

– The many business opportunities that await student that will help them pay their way through college

– How students can use the experiences they get from business course to the corporate world

– How students can increase their chances of being hired after graduating from college by learning the basics of business and marketing in particular

If you want to know more about the The Business Course, visit their website.

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